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Creative ways to keep food cold with Dry Ice

Creative ways to keep food cold with Dry Ice

We often think of traditional ice and refrigeration when it comes to keeping food cold. However, there is another option that's gaining popularity for its incredible cooling capabilities: dry ice. Here are a few unique ways you might not have known you could use dry ice.

Dry Ice in Coolers:

The most common way to use dry ice for cooling is by placing it in a traditional cooler. This can be helpful for camping, boating, or events. Here is how to do it safely:

  • Safety: Always wear gloves when handling dry ice (extremely cold temperatures can cause burns if not handled properly)
  • Insulation: Layer the bottom of your cooler with regular ice or a towel to insulate the dry ice. This is also to protect your cooler from coming into direct contact with the dry ice.
  • Packaging: You’ll then want to wrap your dry ice with a towel/newspaper and place it down on top of the insulation layer. Next, add in a piece of cardboard on top of the dry ice to avoid your food or drinks directly touching the dry ice. Add your food on top and seal the cooler tightly.
  • Ventilation: Ensure your cooler has a vent or leave it slightly cracked to allow gas to escape, preventing the build-up of pressure.
 DIY Dry Ice Packs:

Create your own dry ice packs for a more versatile cooling solution. Here is how it’s done:

  • Materials: You’ll need a sealable plastic bag, a cloth or a towel, and some dry ice pellets.
  • Wrap and Pack: Wrap the dry ice in the cloth, and then place it inside the plastic bag. Seal the bag, leaving a small opening to allow gas to escape.
  • Multi-Purpose: These DIY dry ice packs can be placed in a lunch box or picnic basket
Dry Ice In Refridgerator:

Keep perishable items from spoiling during power outages or in a broken fridge with dry ice in your refrigerator! Save your food and don't let your groceries go to waste!

  • Prep: Wrap your dry ice in a towel or newspaper to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with your fridge or other food items.
  • Placement: Place the dry ice at the bottom shelf of your refrigerator and at the top shelf of your freezer your food will stay at the right temperatures!

Dry ice is a versatile and efficient way to keep your food and drinks cold in various situations. Whether you’re going camping, packing for and picnic, or preserving your food during an outage, dry ice can be your cooling ally. Just remember to handle it with care, following safety guidelines, and enjoy the frosty benefits it brings! 

If you need dry ice and you are in the metro Detroit area reach out to find a location near you

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